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Do Pre-Workout Powders Work? Max Gives Us The Scoop

What is pre-workout powder and do they work? Max debunks the myths around pre-workout and what to look out for

Do You Need Protein Shakes? Sam’s Got The Rundown

Protein shakes. Everything you need to know about them - from whether you need them to which ones are right for you based on your fitness goals.

Tash's Tips For Performance-Boosting Morning Affirmations

Morning affirmations are used by the world's top athletes to boost performance - here's how they work.

This Pain Awareness Month: Dan’s here to make sure you’re pushing your body in the right ways

Pain is no joke. Dan's here to help identify your pain, how to train with it, and how to know when to rest.

Confused about creatine powder? Sam breaks down the facts and the fiction

I love creatine and recommend it for all my members with strength goals, but we've laid out the facts so you can decide if it's right for your training.

Tash’s top tips for going back to the gym after some time away

Whether you’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things or are just struggling to stick to a regular routine, here are a few handy tips for getting back into the gym.

Saxenda vs Ozempic vs Wegovy: Tash talks through the truth behind weight loss injections

The rising trend of using Saxenda or Ozempic injections to help lose weight isn’t going away. So let’s take a closer look...

From faster to further, Max has a trick or two to help you build the perfect 5K or marathon training plan

Whether you're training for a 5K or a marathon, smash your goals with Max's top running tips.

How many rest days a week are right for you? Dan has the answers

Everyone trains differently, so everyone needs to rest differently. Coach Dan gives us the lowdown on how many rest days are right for you.