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Max Cotton at the GOAT.
Another Round founder Max Cotton  running 100 miles for charity.
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Here’s how it works

We discover how you love to work out, and build your training around it.
We focus your training on your goals, with measurable ways to track progress so you stay motivated.
We design your training program to your lifestyle, considering any time constraints, equipment and any injuries.
We provide you with a nutrition strategy tailored to you and your goals.
We support you throughout with one-to-one advice and accountability.
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Our reviews

Another Round helped me reestablish my love of training again and focus on enjoying the process. I've ticked off some great achievements from fitness competitions to ultra marathons since then!

Jason Heightman

After a long stay in ICU in a coma from Covid, my coach Max spoke to the rehabilitation consultants in hospital to dovetail with their plan for me. One year on I’m back to full health and strength.

Mark Smith

I hated training before I joined Another Round. I thought running was the only option, but now I do weights and other cardio options, and I enjoy it too! I'm fitter, stronger and more confident in the gym. The structure and ease of the workouts makes it easy to stick to and I saw results in weeks!

Holly Taylor

Our goal is to help you reach yours

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Get coached by the best PTs

At Another Round, you can expect experience, empathy and expertise from your coach, who will be there to support you every step of the way.

Choose who you’d like to work with, or we can match you with the best fit for your goals.
Photo of coach Tash Curry.
Photo of coach Sam Brown Abreu.

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Remote personal training for just £65 per month. Cancel anytime.
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