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Our Mission

Don’t just get fit for now, get fit for life.

We all want to be fit, of course we do. But unfortunately, life is on a mission to derail us at every step - work, family, travel, illness, injury - you name it, it’s out to stop you getting to the gym, or making that class.

Add to that a fitness industry full of unrealistic ‘gymfluencers’, irresponsible clickbait and unregulated products, and you have a recipe for becoming tired and unmotivated. And we don’t blame you.

But life is better when you’re fitter. You have more energy. Your head is clearer, and you’re more motivated to take on challenges and push yourself.

At Another Round we have developed cutting edge technology that is designed to stop a busy life being a barrier to your training, to help make fitness fun and achievable, so you can smash your goals and get fit for life. 

How do I join?
Another Round founder Max Cotton.

We began by asking ourselves the question:

If the fitness industry is worth $160 billion, why do so many people struggle to reach their goals?

The fitness industry is the Wild West, full of unqualified influencers, unregulated products and irresponsible clickbait content.

It's designed to confuse you and make you feel bad about yourself. It's selling quick fixes and impossible dreams, with each new fad contradicting the last.

We're on a mission to change this: giving as many people as possible the tools and knowledge to get fit for life.

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