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Our Story

We all know that no fitness journey is linear (that would be boring, right?) and ours is no exception. Curve balls happen, and boy did they happen to us, but we pushed through, adapted and came out the other end fighting.

This is the story, (so far), of Another Round:

Another Round founder Max Cotton competing in MMA.


Founder and CEO Max Cotton debuts in his first professional MMA fight at 23 years old. Max wins and begins 3 years of pro fighting.

He's super fit and learning from some of the best coaches in the world.

Another Round founder Max Cotton.


Max and his girlfriend (now wife) Frankie relocate from Nottingham to London.

Max struggles to find a training rhythm in the City, and realises he's not alone.

Another Round founder Max Cotton  training MMA in Covent Garden.


Max leaves his corporate sales career to work as a full-time personal trainer.

He launches MMA fitness classes in Covent Garden and builds a roster of clients across London.

Another Round founder Max Cotton completing a triathlon.


Max takes on the London Triathlon.

Swimming in the Thames was definitely the worst part.

Another Round founder Max Cotton in Paddy Power advert.


Max launches an online personal training offering under the brand name 'Train Badass'.

Via a quick stint starring in the McGregor vs Mayweather advert for Paddy Power.

Another Round founder Max Cotton ultramarathon running.

Winter 2018

Slight detour. Max decides to get into Ultramarathon running and starts with the 55-mile trail run in the Cheviot Hills. It's brutal.

He signs up again for next year.

Another Round founder Max Cotton running 55 mile ultramarathon.

Winter 2019

Ultramarathon 55-miler round 2.

Max shaves 6 hours off his last time. Big celebrations.

Another Round founder Max Cotton during lockdown.


Covid hits. Online personal training takes off.

Because we've been doing it for years, demand is suddenly huge and we're busier than ever.

Another Round founder Max Cotton  running 100 miles for charity.

Summer 2020

Another detour for Max to run 87 miles in a circle in under 24 hours.

Don't ask why. He did raise money for charity though.

Another Round founder Max Cotton working out at home.


We think about the future of personal training in a post-pandemic world.

We start investigating how tech can make our personal training offering even better.

The answer is AI.

Another Round founder Max Cotton launching the company rebrand.

Later in 2021

We begin developing our AI.

We raise our first round of angel investment, mostly from our members.

We rebrand from 'Train Badass' to 'Another Round'.

Another Round founder Max Cotton delivering a speech.


The first iteration of our AI is launched.

We raise our second round of angel investment, welcoming fitness industry icons onto our board.

Another Round logo.

The Another Round name

Another Round embodies ambition and personal aspiration. It's you versus you, pushing a little bit further each time to get closer to your goals.

You go Another Round because your goals matter and they deserve your time and sweat. You can always do one more rep, one more set, one day at a time.

But life is also about balance. And after a day well spent, we're always up for Another Round 🍻