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The Another Round personal training platform enables you to move quickly and easily into the digital fitness space. Create a new revenue stream. Protect and future-proof your brand. 

Another Round for gyms, can:
Expand and enhance your member services
Empower and retain existing PTs
Increase and retain memberships
Scale without compromising quality
Integrate fully into your tech stack and is tailored to your brand
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Customer reviews

Another Round is the best PT service I've ever used. Max is incredibly knowledgeable and always happy to help with any questions. The workouts are challenging and varied to keep it interesting, and the app is really useful to track workouts and keep you accountable (I hate getting the email that tells me I missed a workout!)In short, Another Round takes all the faff out of working out and keeps me fit and healthy.

Ben Sims

I've been a member of Another Round since 2020 - a one month membership birthday present turning into something I absolutely couldn't do without. The programme has taken my fitness to the next level, including recovering from major surgery and various twinges along the way. The personal approach and support is fantastic- really hard to fall off the exercise wagon with these guys at your back! While the programme is varied, engaging and effective, one of the best things is the understanding of how real life can get in the way- social engagements, work peaks, you name it- and the coaches are there to help you get back on track without judgement. Oh, and they won't tell you to stop drinking or eating pizza. Winner!

Alethea Copland

I've been training with Max for just over 5 years now in MMA and now personal training, been fluctuating with progression and weight but I keep coming back because I know there will be a workout to push me to the limit. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for change in training or weight.


Awesome training programme, especially as I want to workout with minimal equipment and at home at my leisure, for a duration that suits my busy schedule.

The videos are super helpful, as is the 2-way communication between me and my PT. The accountability I feel through my PT regularly checking in and chasing me keeps me on track... most of the time!

Great app, highly recommended!


Great for body and mind

I’ve been training with Max for about 4 years now, and I was very fortunate to join Another Round just before the pandemic, which absolutely made all the difference to my physical and mental space throughout that period.

The Another Round team of trainers and other members kept me motivated, positive and engaged, and constantly flexible for my ability and equipment at home or in the gym.

Most recently I injured my Achilles, putting my leg in a cast and out of commission. Max has been incredible adapting and creating exercises that still keep me active and focussed during this time, and I’m feeling much better placed to get back to a full workout asap with the team!

Can’t recommended Another Round enough. Heart emoji.

Adam Tannous

The best remote PT service! Have been working with Max since April 2020 and he has got me into the shape of my life. Helped me to prepare for an endurance charity Row of 150 miles and has supported me following my injury in summer 2021, tailoring and adjusting the plan along the way. Highly recommend the service!


It all started with a recommendation from a work colleague - they been training with Another around for a few years and knew I was looking for something to get me back into fitness. Best recommendation I have received. Another Round literally take it to another level. I’ve fallen back in love with exercise and training. They push me and motivate me with tailored workouts that can be done in the gym and at home.I’ve had quite an annoying knee injury which another round have been able to work around to ensure I am strengthening that area but also not pushing it to its limitsI have never felt so healthy and I would recommend everyone to us Another Round. Best bit is I live around 120 miles away from Another Round so communication is key and that has always been on point. Constant updates and challenges which really keep me on my toes. You wouldn’t think I was that far away.


Another Round helped me reestablish my love of training again and focus on enjoying the process. I've ticked off some great achievements from fitness competitions to ultra marathons since then!

Jason Heightman

After a long stay in ICU in a coma from Covid, my coach Max spoke to the rehabilitation consultants in hospital to dovetail with their plan for me. One year on I’m back to full health and strength.

Mark Smith

I hated training before I joined Another Round. I thought running was the only option, but now I do weights and other cardio options, and I enjoy it too! I'm fitter, stronger and more confident in the gym. The structure and ease of the workouts makes it easy to stick to and I saw results in weeks!

Holly Taylor

Another Round has supported me in my fitness goals for over a year now and have helped me get in my best shape ever. Their ability to update my program and support to whatever goal I have at that time is unmatched and I can’t recommend them enough.

Akash Gulati