Training that’s all about you

Life doesn’t follow a set schedule, so we don’t expect you to either.  Instead we’ll build your training around you, taking into consideration your commitments, lifestyle, and the way you prefer to work out. That way, you’ll be more likely to stick to your training, and smash your goals.

So, what matters most to you?

Training that fits my busy scheduleWorkouts that I loveI want to achieve a specific goalFlexible location / equipmentRecovering from an injury
A man smiling before deadlifting in a gym.

"Max is the first PT I’ve worked with who appreciates exercise isn’t the only thing I do in life. His approach to programming and philosophy of health and fitness are founded in an understanding of the modern lifestyle. As a result I’ve enjoyed exercising far more and achieved better, longer lasting results"

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Training that fits in

Gyms and fitness classes work on their schedule, not yours. We’re different.

If you can squeeze in a 20 minute training session every morning, or prefer a long, late-night gym session twice a week, Another Round will build a programme around the time you have, so there's no "sh*t I'm running late" panic ever again.

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"I've had PTs in the past but Another Round is different. Max listens and supports me through my own personal goals, which has led me to being the fittest I've ever been both physically and mentally."

Training that you love

Love HIIT but hate cardio? Prefer free weights to machines?

When it comes to training everyone is different, so we’ll tailor your training to your likes and dislikes, from specific exercises to styles of training.

We’ll change it up on a regular basis to keep it interesting, but be consistent enough so you can see the tangible progress you’re making.

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"No workout is ever boring, I feel progress every time, I'm supported and I now have a better diet, better sleep, better motivation and feelings of worth and that I can achieve goals I have always wanted to."

Woman doing a pull up in the gym.

Training that works towards your goals

Everyone starts their fitness journey with a goal in mind, and it can be anything from fitting into ‘That Dress’ to competing in a marathon. Whatever it is, we’ll create a programme designed to get you to your goal, smash it, and then keep you going on to bigger, better, fitter things.

With a specific program tailored to your goals, you’ll get there a lot quicker than relying on gym classes, programs you download from the internet, or one size fits all apps.

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"I am learning everyday and am on my way to finally hitting some goals that I’ve wanted for years."

Training that’s designed for your equipment and workout space

Whether you prefer to train at home or at the gym, your Another Round program is designed around what you have available.

Whether that's a kettlebell and the great outdoors, a fully spec'd fancy-pants-gym, or the newborn, we'll design your training around it.

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Man working out at home with his kid.

"Another Round is a total life-saver for a busy, working mum like me. Having the ability to exercise in my own home, without travel or childcare considerations is truly wonderful."

Man with a neck injury.

Working around an injury

Undoubtedly, movement is medicine. But without a proper rehabilitation plan that takes into your injury, jumping into exercise will likely cause more harm than good.

At Another Round, our qualified coaches can guide you through a bespoke training program to get you moving again safely.

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Want to start training? You got this.

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