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Coaching means you're not alone.

Doing anything alone is infinitely harder than having someone in your corner, cheerleading you every step of the way, and helping you to navigate any challenges that come up.

Our coaches are here to be your support team, keeping you moving and motivated, and always edging you closer to achieving your goals, as well giving you a nudge when it's needed.

What matters most to you?

Goal setting and measuring progressSupport every step of the wayEmpathy: life happensAccountability: showing up for yourselfI'm new to the gym / training
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"Another Round is more than training; it is about structure, accountability and achieving goals."

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Measuring progress: It’s all about goals.

Goals are great. They give your training structure and give you something to aim for - a reason to tie up those trainers and get out there, even if it’s Monday and it’s raining and you really don’t want to.

Plus, goals can be anything - from big ambitious events like half marathons, to simply turning up to train on a Sunday - you tell us what you want to achieve (short term and long term), and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

And, if you’re not sure what you're aiming for (don’t worry, this happens a lot), we have a quick, easy questionnaire to help you get to the heart of what you want from your training. No sweat.

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"Another Round has been an absolute lifesaver this past year, and I'm definitely the fittest I've ever been! With so much going on in the outside world, it was so important to have personal goals, a supportive team and have my fitness to keep me healthy, both body and mind."

Support: Every step of the way.

We don't just design you a program and leave you to get on with it.

Your coach will be there every step of the way, to give you support and to keep you on track with weekly check-ins, and to monitor your training progress as you go, providing frequent feedback on every exercise and workout.

You can also upload videos for form review, and can contact your coach on the app as often as you like.

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"The Another Round team have been amazing in tailoring my workouts to my goals and providing support on tap."

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Empathy: Life happens.

We understand that life happens. So your coach will be there to help you through the curve balls and to reset and re-balance your training when it’s needed.

Your training should work around your life, not the other way around. That’s the only way you’ll be able to stick at it in the long term.

We want you to achieve your goals whilst still living your life - that's the real win.

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"Another Round has kept me active, motivated and happy across a difficult year - by far the longest I've ever stuck to any kind of fitness regime. This is totally down to Max and his team; their creativity, enthusiasm and support is incredible, and even though it's been purely remote training, you really feel like part of a close fitness community."

Accountability: Showing up for yourself.

Big goals are challenging, by definition. Your training will take dedication and commitment, and it won’t always be easy.

Being accountable to someone, and having them there to support you and cheerlead for you, makes your goals 65% more achievable than going it alone. Fact.

Sometimes you need support and understanding, sometimes technical help, and occasionally tough love (but not as much as most personal trainers believe!). Our coaches are experienced and empathetic enough to know the difference.

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" I feel like I'm training with my mate, and that's not really something you can put a price on."

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New to training or the gym?

Starting training can feel overwhelming, especially if you're in a new environment where everyone seems to know what they're doing.

Our trainers are on hand to help you every step of the way, with guides to every exercise and workout in the app.

We won't throw you in the deep end, your exercises and program will be tailored to your ability. We're here to help you hit your most important goals whilst loving the process.

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