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It’s Men’s Health Week: Let’s talk about Men’s Health and the Internet

This Men's Health Week Max gives us three tips to help you keep a clean and healthy mind when it comes to your digital health.

Training For Your Stage: Make Your Goals A Reality

Whether it’s getting in shape for your wedding, training for an event, or recovering from injury, every goal is important. Here's how to achieve it.

Master Your Recovery: The Benefits Of Sports Massage

Does massage help with recovery? How important is it? We answer all your massage-related questions.

Me vs ChatGPT. Mission: Full body workout.

Could ChatGPT replace a personal trainer when it comes to workout programming? Sam put it to the test.

How To Live Longer: The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking

What is biohacking and can it really make us live longer?

The Keto Diet Plan Mythbusted

Delving into the science behind Keto. How it works. How it doesn’t work. If it’s worth it. And whether it could work for you.

Why You Won't Lose Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time

Despite what you read, building muscle and losing fat don't mix, but here's how you can still achieve your goals.

How To Push Yourself Like A Personal Trainer

How our PTs keep going when motivation drops.

Our Fitness Match-Maker: Find Out Which Kind Of Training Works For You

How to choose the type of exercise that’s right for you, your lifestyle, your goals and importantly, your budget.