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Press Release • Apr 20, 2022

Deaf Mixed Martial Arts fighter Thomas Paull becomes first Another Round sponsored athlete

The breakthrough British MMA fighter is proving his disability isn't a disadvantage as he eyes the UFC.

UFC hopeful Thomas Paull, secures his first paid sponsorship deal with Another Round, the Personal Training Membership subscription.

As a deaf fighter, Paull is on a mission to prove disabilities should not affect a person's desire to be successful, not just in combat sports but in life. The trailblazing fighter gave up a well-paid job as an electrician to follow his dreams and display his mastery on the southern UK MMA scene, recently picking up two coveted Golden Ticket Fight Promotions titles. 

In his youth, Paull regularly dealt with bullies who mistook his disability for vulnerability. He learnt to vent by playing rugby from the age of 12 to 18, later redirecting his focus to MMA where he found his calling. 

Paull is now set to take on all comers for his title and has his eyes on the UFC. He is currently ranked within the Top 10 Pro Men's Lightweight Fighters in Europe.

Max Cotton, CEO at Another Round and former pro-MMA fighter, says, "Thomas perfectly embodies the Another Round ethos of always pushing yourself to go a little further in pursuit of your goals, despite what life throws at you. I’ve rarely seen anyone train with the same intensity and tenacity as Paull; I have no doubt he will make big waves domestically and internationally. We’re behind him 100%, and I believe he will go all the way.”

Paull says, "Partnering with Another Round is an incredible opportunity; it's easy to underestimate sponsors' value at this stage of a fighter's career. I feel especially lucky to work with a brand that shares my values, is building accessible technology and provides me with high-quality fitness workouts to supplement my technique-based training sessions.” 

Accessibility is a cornerstone of tech development at Another Round, as the company aims to bring the benefits of Personal Training to as many people as possible.

“Another Round is built for everyone”, continues Cotton. “The experience for a deaf user and a non-deaf user is exactly the same and always will be. Accessibility and equality will always be at the core of our platform, and as we build our technology, we will continue to find ways to make Personal Training more accessible for everyone.”

Ricky Shock, Founder and Agent at Sponsorite, brokered the sponsorship agreement.

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